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Business Consulting

Innovative Global Supply. LLC brings over 150 years of combined and diverse experience with expertise in Sales, Supply Chain Development and Management, Project Design and Execution, Market Development, Health Care IT and Business Advisory Services working with an international network of government and business leaders.

When approached by a prospective client, the IGS team has two questions:

1. Is the problem as presented by the client the actual problem for which a solution is required?

2. How has the client worked to resolve the issue so far?

Thinking beyond the box requires listening as Job One to both the spoken and the unspoken.

Once IGS and the client are on the same page, we begin a rigorous assessmemt to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s work.

Next, we undertake in-depth research on the relevant industry to learn about its current state.

Because we believe that there are lessons to be learned from everyone, we also look at non-related industries for creative solutions and strategies.

When strategizing, it’s very easy to be pulled off course so the IGS goal is to ensure that the strategy developed is squarely focused on solving the identified issue for the client.

We next work with the client to develop a constructive framework for resolving the issue including an assessment of the human and financial resources available to execute a solution.

A solution is only workable if the resources exist to execute it and everyone affected by it is on board.

Workable solutions require a plan of action that includes timelines and specific assigments to ensure accountability.

This often means a pivot utilizing existing resources to the extent possible. If additional resources are needed, we make recommendations at to how that could manifest.